We are the first agency of Professional Transcripts in Italy, since 2017.

The differences between Copy Transcriptions and a traditional copywriting service

  • Original 100% text (no risk of content not suitable for you / your company)
  • Transcriptions Copy produces texts ONLY from your spoken recordings
  • We do not only create the textual part, we also develop the graphics necessary to produce the final content

The differences between us and a traditional copywriting service

  • We DO NOT do the verbatim transcription of your speeches;
  • We produce a WELL written text, syntactically reformulated and suitable for the content-format we are creating;
  • We don't just write the text. We revise it linguistically, syntactically and we elaborate it graphically so that it is ready to be used;
  • We do not do literal spools.
differenza tra servizio di sbobinatura e trascrizione professionale

Professional transcripts: how they work

1) Let's start with your spoken content

Which? Marketing videos, audio recordings, telephone call recordings, training course recordings, seminar recordings, etc.

2) Copy Transcriptions Method

Once your audio-video materials have been received, a team of 4 will take care of:
put your materials in writing; linguistically revise them; process them graphically

3) Ready written content, publish and disseminate

Our service will give you the final contents ALREADY READY to be reused for your purposes: books, technical manuals, articles for the blog, reports, e-books or simple texts.

What you can achieve with Trascrizioni Copy

Professional Manuals

We specialize in taking the recordings of a training course, and transforming them into the corresponding written volume ready for printing.

Books ready to print and Ebooks

We transform spoken recordings (audio / video) into well-written, revised and paginated books ready to be sent to print.

Marketing content

Turning spoken audio into text allows you to have ready-made marketing materials such as social posts, articles, infographics, etc.

Every text we produce ...

Elaborate transcription and well-written text

We DO NOT transcribe literally. Every text we produce is syntactically reformulated and written so that it can already be used without further revision.

Professional graphics

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Textual review

Each text we create is revised THREE TIMES, by three different professionals. This redundant revision mechanism allows us to obtain the MAXIMUM textual quality.

Final text. Zero work on your part.

Our goal is to give you a definitive 100% text that you can directly use, publish without even revising it. It is the mission that we are committed to respecting every single project we carry out.

Who Transcripts Copy is suitable for

Trainers, consultants & coaches

Do you work in the education sector? You cannot escape then from transforming each of your training courses into a Professional Manual to be delivered to the participants of your course, giving them the possibility of being able to re-study all the information handled comfortably in the future.

Entrepreneurs and professionals

Are you an entrepreneur, you have to produce marketing content BUT you don't have time to devote to the writing of the necessary texts? Transcriptions Copy is the service for you. Transform: meetings, phone conversations, presentations, webinars, live seminars, etc. in any form of written content.

Public administration

Are you a municipality, an assembly, a collegiate body? Transform the recordings of meetings, assemblies or conferences into reports that contain in an orderly manner everything that has been discussed and give your interlocutors the opportunity to always be aware of what you are discussing.

Our guarantees

Satisfied or Remade

Are you not satisfied or did you find some error in the text? We'll make it back to you at our expense until it's perfect.

Guaranteed on-time delivery

We take the delivery dates we give to our customers very seriously, if we do not respect it, you can request a refund.

"No holidays" guarantee

Our team is never on vacation at 100%, this means that any day of the year we can work for you. Guaranteed.

Transcripts Copy's FAQ

How is the price of a project calculated?

Just multiply the rate you have chosen (eg 4.95 EUR / minute) by the number of minutes of the course you want to transform into a Professional Manual.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the work done?

Transcriptions Copy has a work policy that is maximally oriented towards customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the work done, you have our team at your complete disposal to obtain the desired result.

Can you also take care of printing a material after we have made it together?

Yes, ask for information a info@writeless.co to find out about our special prices for printing.

Do you also follow the marketing and publication part of a certain product content?

No, it is not in our area of expertise.

How long does it take you to deliver a draft transcript?

It depends on the length and complexity of the project. Normally the basic times are:

  • <5 hours = 1 week
  • > 5 <15 hours = 2 weeks
  • 30 hours = 28 days

Clients and Testimonials Copy Transcripts

Check out everyone who collaborates with us and uses our transcription method.

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