Guarantees Copy Transcripts: What if I don't like the final text of the transcript?

Hi, I'm Gabriele Musumeci and in this article I will tell you about what are the Transcripts Copy guarantees.

In particular, I am here to answer a question that I hope you are not asking yourself but that it is in my interest to clarify in view of all your possible doubts.

The question is:

"COPY TRANSCRIPTION GUARANTEES: what happens if I don't like the text you produce at the end?"

First of all, you should know that of the hundreds of customers we currently follow, one of them has never happened to tell us that he did not like the text created for him.

However, if this situation arises, what we would try to understand is:


  1. If the reason concerns the the way in which the topics were dealt with then this motivation would be difficult to counter.

Copy transcripts it's a professional transcription service and his job consists in transforming audio / video contents into corresponding written texts.

If you don't like the subject matter, the problem is in the original content and not in the final text.

But clearly ...

  1. If we were to realize that the text was poorly written, contains linguistic and grammatical errors...

Then we would not think for a second to offer you the opportunity to receive the manual redone as soon as possible.

Transcriptions Copy, as I said before, is a professional transcription service and it is our duty to respect the guarantees Copy transcripts.

What we would do is use the team as a priority in order to redo all the work in the fastest and most optimized way possible, clearly guaranteeing that the document is flawless.

Such a thing has never happened to us but these are questions that people ask themselves and it is in our interest to answer all those doubts that may arise, especially to those who have never had the opportunity to work with us.

Having said that I invite you, if you still don't know us, to TEST OUR SERVICE FOR FREE.

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That's all for this article, see you next time.

Greetings, Gabriele Musumeci.

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