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We know that applying for and taking on a new job at any company requires a leap of faith. We want you to feel totally comfortable and excited about submitting your application in Copy Transcripts.

Unfortunately, many companies' hiring process looks like a black box with a big question mark printed on the outside.

  • Send the application;
  • Wait weeks;
  • And wait for feedback that never comes.

At this point, you are even inclined to wonder why he sent your application. In our opinion, however, the lack of communication only reinforces the insecurity present in each of us and consequently the self-belief of the impossibility of growth. Asking to work for a new role (done in a serious and reasonable way) takes courage, and it's hard to find when - more often than not - your only reward is silence.

Our hiring process is different in Copy Transcripts.

We want you to know that when you apply for a role, you will get feedback from us, even if it is negative. In fact, throughout the selection and recruitment process we strive to ensure that we never go beyond seven days of silence from the candidate.

To be completely transparent, here's what happens when you ask to work on a position in Copy Transcripts.

  1. Application: Once your application is submitted, your application enters our application management software which allows us to track all requests. Here, the dedicated Hiring Team made up of 2-3 collaborators - people you will work closely with once you are permanently hired - will review your application.
  2. Assessment: The application is then assessed on the basis of evidence showing that you have the relevant skills for the job you applied for. We will evaluate not only your declared technical skills, but also your writing and communication skills, along with the knowledge you show to have towards our company, the service we sell. We know no candidate is flawless, so we're looking for people who excel in one or two skills, to fit into groups with complementary strengths / weaknesses and made to work together.
  3. Interview on the role: Once the first series of candidates have been examined, usually the first 5-10 join for a video call on the specific role with the Contact person who will be entrusted to you. Here you will be asked questions that deepen your relevant experience for this role, and you will have the chance to assess whether or not Copy Transcripts actually match the values you want to have in an employer. If you do not reach this step, we will still contact you to inform you that we are still evaluating your application for this role.
  4. Skills interview: After speaking with your hiring contact, you will have to go through a skills interview with your reference team that will initially be assigned to you. Typically this interview is done over an audio or video call or a practice test to test and practice your knowledge (depending on the type of role you are applying for). Here the type of evaluation that will be made will be exclusively of a practical type and has the purpose of verifying if you have the relevant skills to be successful in the role. You won't be evaluated on skills that don't matter. For example, we will not provide quizzes on mathematical formulas, nor will we ask you how many golf balls could fit inside a "logic" tram. If you do not reach this step, we will contact you to let you know that we have either declined your application or are still evaluating your application. For some positions, we will also assess your relevant skills by managing one or two short exercises done outside of the interview.
  5. Final decision: After the skills interview (or carrying out the practical exercises outside of it), we will evaluate each candidate who has made it up to the previous point and the hiring team will make a decision. If more candidates marry with the profiles we are looking for, we will stimulate further candidate references. If no candidate matches our hiring profile we will decline the applicants' applications or repeat at the second stage.
  6. Checks on references: when checking references please tell us, we will contact you directly with the references provided to get a better idea of your relationship.
  7. Job offer and proposal: once all the previous steps are completed, we will make you a job offer with details on salary, benefits and other details related to the remuneration, obviously hoping for your acceptance of the offer and in order to work out a start date as soon as possible of work and a dedicated induction plan.

At each point in this process, we promise not to disappear for more than 7 days. It is a promise that we will strive to keep religiously.

Thank you for considering a career in Copy Transcriptions!

We hope the words read so far will encourage you to take that famous leap of faith and send us a job application.


The staff.

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We know that applying to take on a new job at any company requires a leap of faith.

We want you to feel comfortable and excited about submitting your application in Copy Transcriptions. To help share a little more about the lives of all of us in Trascrizioni Copy, here are some resources - in addition to the job description above - that can give you a more "intimate" look at what life is like in here.

Taking a look at all of our public documents, we really hope you can take the leap of faith in sending us your application. ?

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