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Attention: Job announcement reserved for university students of humanities under 26 years old.

If you love writing and it would be a dream for you to make writing a job, we have an opportunity for you.

Until a few years ago, as a university student in a humanities field, you had a very limited set of possibilities at your disposal in terms of work.

  • The first. Get enslaved by a large zero-income publishing agency, with the uncertain future hope of actually working one day.
  • The second. Being a real writer with all the consequent risks (very trivially: either you sell the books you write, or you don't eat at the weekend).


In recent years, in conjunction with the widespread diffusion of digital, there has been a huge change in the world of writing. Many companies today need "corporate writers".

Who are the "corporate writers"? This figure can be reflected in various actions, ranging from writing promotional emails to writing content for i social networks, up to the creation of real books.


If you notice, nowadays all corporate communication no longer takes place in an institutional manner through the classic advertising to which our fathers and grandfathers were accustomed, but takes place through the production of written content, videos or images.

What kind of job is it?

Trascrizioni Copy Srl is the first Italian company specializing in the transcription of original content taken from the author's voice in question. 

This means that our job is to take audio / video materials "spoken" by the entrepreneur or company for which we are providing the service, and through a process that we will teach you, to put them in written form.

This I have just described to you is the easiest way to learn to write in business on a professional level that exists.

trascrizioni copy

Career and salaries

As you will have understood from the description of this job, our collaborators initially start with a salary that does not depend on how many hours you are in an office (also because we work from the computer, each at home), but this will depend on how much and how you will be willing to work.

That is, if you write slow and well, you earn little (but still it is a job that makes you live). If you write well and fast, you make money very. If you write badly, this job - of course - is not for you.

Our project is currently in constant growth and we are always looking for the best figures who can take care of the various tasks. Our simple and ONLY system of judgment is meritocracy.

If you are worth it, prove it and you will be MORE than rewarded.

What will happen after the application is sent

Here's what will happen after you send us your application:

  • You will receive emails with instructions to assign you 2 test tasks to check your minimum skills;
  • The two tasks will be followed by a virtual group interview (via webinar);
  • If you pass the first step, 4 training modules will be sent to you to acquire the fundamental bases to start working;
  • After the initial month of training, you will be introduced to a private group within which you will have the opportunity to take the first work assignments (paid) with an apprentice's salary for the first two months, during which time you will be supported by a tutor who will help you work;
  • At the end of the third month of paid trial, if you are deemed suitable, you will be officially introduced to the Trascrizioni Copy Srl team;
  • From here on, it will depend solely and entirely on you.

The ideal candidate

University student in the humanities UNDER 26 years old.

He is willing to commit to at least 3 hours a day of work (we are a company, we take our deadlines seriously and we want our employees to take theirs as well).

More importantly: your passion is to communicate with writing and make yourself understood.

You must be able to write in a clear, simple, understandable way (you cannot be like Diego Fusaro after three bottles of wine).

You are able to make a commitment and keep it.

If you think you can get to a point and say "eh but this week is carnival so ..." this job is not for you.

He is willing to learn, receive training and study.

The type of communication we deal with has little to do with academic or bombastic writing, so we will train you until you are able to write as our clients demand. If you get offended or feel bad every time you receive a correction, you would live this job very badly.

It has MANIAC precision in everything that involves text writing work.

We offer our customers a "zero grammar errors" guarantee, so if while you talk a blunder is sometimes acceptable, it is very important that there is no error of any kind when you write.

It is you?


This job is NOT for you though

You don't really feel like serious work.

Our work starts part-time, but if you are good and you want to do it, very quickly it can become a full-time and well-paid job. If you see it simply as a way to make two bucks without putting too much effort into this job, this job is not for you, we just want people who want to commit and who would really like to work in writing.

You are a person who always loves being right and is offended at the first criticism he receives.

We are all improvable and no one is perfect, if you are a touchy person who has a hard time accepting criticisms and observations, our working context would be very tight for you.

You intend to reply to this ad with "but how much do you pay" or "More info".

The "more information" will be received only by those who are selected as valid.

You DON'T know how to strictly meet deadlines and you give yourself excuses when you are unable to do so.

This is not the job for you since everything we do is based on the deadlines we give to our customers and which of course we are committed to respecting under any conditions.

Instructions to follow to send your application.

We hope you decide to send your application to Trascrizioni Copy. To start your application process click here: 

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