The Copy Transcription Method to transcribe at best

How do we transform a spoken speech into a text ready to be reused?

The answer is in our 6-step Professional Transcription Method.

The method for transcribing N˚1 in Italy: over 865,000,000 words created in copy transcriptions since 2017

We have specially designed a 6-step method that allows us to take a spoken speech, and transform it into its corresponding text directly ready to be reused.

The standards? Very simple:

  • 4 different technicians who work on each text we produce;
  • Redundant revision mechanisms for maximum accuracy of the text produced.

How do you calculate the price of an audio?

Just choose a rate (example: € 4.95) and multiply it by the number of minutes of your audio / video material.

How long does it take for a transcript?

It depends. For short transcriptions (under two hours) the indicative time is 3 days; while for long transcripts (over 8 hours) the times range from one week upwards.

What happens if I am satisfied with the work done?

We only work with customers who are satisfied with us, which is why, if you are not satisfied with one of our work, report it to and the team will do the job again until you are satisfied.

Can I also print the manuals with you?

Yes, we have a comprehensive service that gives you everything in your hand: printed and paper manuals packages. For info please ask

Our guarantees

Soddisdone or remade: Are you not satisfied or did you find some error in the text? We'll make it back to you at our expense until it's perfect.

Guaranteed on-time delivery: We take the delivery dates we give to our customers very seriously, if we do not respect it, you can request a refund.

“No vacation” guarantee: Our team is never on vacation at 100%, this means that we can work for you every day of the year. Guaranteed.

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