A simple Content Marketing Automation strategy that exploits the potential of transcriptions and transcriptions

In this article today I'd like to introduce you to a very simple Content Marketing Automation strategy that leverages the potential for transcriptions and transcriptions and that very few people know / use. 

 Yes, because you must know that transcriptions and transcriptions are on the one hand the most powerful tool to produce written content in the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way and at the same time, unfortunately, also one of the most unknown among people. Take advantage of it that you are HERE! ?

sbobinature e trascrizioni


The problem of the "automated".

When we talk about transcriptions and transcriptions, a strategy as simple as it is unused that acts as a "key assumption" for setting up a system that aims to automate the creation of your content marketing And: the editorial calendar.

We often talk about "Random thing ”Automated.

The company "automated ".

Marketing "automated ".

The annuities "automated ".

The point is that the “Anything” automated in itself it DOES NOT exist, IF it is not first thought and set correctly by man (which in this case is you).

For example, let's talk about written marketing content.


The creation of content marketing?


And it is precisely at this point of the question that transcriptions and transcriptions will come up against us.

But first let me explain why "partially“.

Very trivially, unless you have an internal team of 10-15 in the company copywriter Anyway you will have to at least partially take care of creating the content marketing for your company. And if you don't do it, no one else in your place will.


But there is a difference between doing this once every month and a half tired and sleepy without a strategy and setting one editorial calendar of the next "X" months that allows you to plan your work intelligently.

It is in fact a strategy that, although it is often underestimated, is able to generate crazy leverage.

The reasons why it is convenient to have an editorial calendar are two mainly (or at least, the ones that I would highlight here):

  1. The first is that it allows you to set a plan rather than go blind;
  2. And the second is that you have the option to do Reverse Engineering organization and planning how to achieve what you set out to do with as little effort as possible!


The best way to organize yourself.

Assume this month that you have decided to set up an editorial calendar of your marketing content like this:

Ok? (this is where the transcriptions and transcriptions come into play).

Doing Reverse Engineering now we could establish that the absolute easiest way to create such content for the month is this:

  • Make sure that every month you have at least 4 topics to cover related to your business;
  • Every month you block a day ONLY and solely dedicated to the creation of marketing video;
  • Record 4 videos (or even more if you can) in one day;


  • Each Video can easily be turned into an article written for the blog via a professional transcription service);
  • From each article it is possible to obtain the respective posts and any associated e-mails.


How much effort would it take you to do something like this?


  • The day you need to record the videos;
  • The fatigue of sending an e-mail to Copy transcripts to get the transcriptions and transcriptions of the videos transformed into written articles.

This way at least part of the entire marketing content creation process is streamlined and easy to manage.


Would you like to deepen the topic of transcriptions and transcriptions? Do it with mine Book

What I have examined above is a very trivial didactic example to make you understand the potential derived from using an editorial calendar to (semi) automate the creation of marketing content, what you can do is actually MUCH bigger and just as much. impacting for your company.

In my book "This book was written in 12 hours and 56 minutes” I tell you exactly about these strategies based on the exploitation of transcriptions and transcriptions.

It's not a book theoretical! I do this in a practical way, providing you with examples of real and successful application cases for each strategy our best customers.

Questo libro è stato scritto in 12 ore e 56 minuti

Just to deepen this topic to the fullest and find out how to exploit the potential of transcriptions and transcriptions integrated into an editorial calendar to create marketing content in an automated way, I suggest you take a look at the book.

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