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You need to transform a spoken audio / video into text… But what do you need specifically? Of Online transcription or a professional transcript? Be careful to choose! (Ignoring this distinction could fall to your detriment.) ? ➡?

Before starting ... I'll immediately mark a video in which I treated the difference between a transcription and a literal transcription.

Check it out if you'd rather listen to my voice. ?

It makes me smile when I hear people say that "Copy transcripts"Is a service Premium Price.

The truth? It is not.

Or rather ... It is when compared to traditional unwinding services, it is a pity that they are not in the least comparable to what we define as "Professional Transcripts“.


What a difference then between normals online transcription it's a professional transcription?

The transcription is a literal transcription, something that does NOT require human intelligence, other than the minimum necessary to hear words and reject them in a wall of text without punctuation.

There is a small disadvantage to this practice… The text that is produced CANNOT be reused, except after hours and hours of revision and modification.

Professional transcripts? They are TOTALLY something else. But totally right! They take a speech and transform it into a text that is already reusable for the client's purposes.

Nothing more than this image is able to explain what I have just described to you:


Trascrizioni Copy

And this is also supported by the two diametrically different work processes:

  • The literal transcription: you get the transcription done and you're good to go (human or speech recognition software, it's the same);
  • There Professional transcription: 6-step process, with three revision laps for each text produced and 4 different expert technicians working on it.

sbobinature online


Are online transcriptions not for you?

What would you choose?

In detail: you would choose a service that literally transcribes the audio to a wall of text that you will not be able to reuse in any way or one that will give you in your hand:

  • A well written text;
  • Already revised, without errors or typos;
  • Graphically formatted and paginated;
  • Ready to be reused.
  • ?

Do the math and draw your own conclusions.


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