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Know the Method for writing blog articles in the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way possible? Is called "Copy Transcripts Method”And is based on a simple principle: take advantage of your conversational speed to transform your spoken speech into written text.

Let's start with a simple question:

What is the most important element to manage in the marketing of your company?

The short answer to this question is that, assuming your marketing strategy is correct, this element is your speed of execution in doing what you do.

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The relevance of speed of execution to your company's marketing.

We both know that what can make something work can NEVER, ever be synthesized into a formula, a factor, a single element.

Do you agree, right? It is as if I were telling you ... What is the secret to learning your job as an entrepreneur that you do every day?

Yes, maybe in your opinion it is "constancy", maybe it is "perseverance", the fact is that there is no synthetic answer to this question, we have to figure it out.

HOWEVER there is a however.

In the sense that, given as a prerequisite that in your company and profession, you have a correct strategy, everything rests on some fundamental notions such as, a / a:

  • template that works, suitable for your type of business;
  • good positioning, compared to your competitors;
  • production of marketing content that allows you to make your product / service known to new potential customers and that keeps those who already are;
  • production area that works;
  • Etc…

This element is yours speed of execution… Once a certain threshold is reached, this is what makes the real difference. The speed with which you move and carry out various projects throughout the year.

Ask yourself these questions: "How long do you take to ...

  • … Starting a new project and how long to complete it?
  • … Normally carry out all the ordinary actions necessary to “turn the wheel”?
  • … Produce newsletters so that you are always ready and attentive to inform your customers?

And so we could go on indefinitely with everything you do ...

The speed with which you carry out all these activities MUCH depends on your results.

write articles for blogs

How much does speed impact on your ability to generate marketing content

Let me give you the example more glaring absolutely that any entrepreneur on the face of the earth has under his nose: the production of written marketing content.

Exactly, I'm really talking to you about that activity hated by everyone for its management and execution difficulties, also called "WRITING".

scrivere articoli per blog

She, quatta quatta, is always there ... Usually she stops motionless. And looks at you.

Whatever you want to do, whatever marketing project you want to implement, whatever activity you intend to carry out, there is NOT ONE that doesn't involve writing texts.

Many texts ...

What written content? Eg:

  • The book that you have to write for "x" time and you still haven't found the time to write;
  • The e-mail that you could send every day and instead leave periodically in fits and starts due to "a thousand other things to think about";
  • THE post for your Facebook page;
  • The articles for your blog;
  • The guides or those report that you wanted to write about which you have not yet found the time to get your head around;
  • That famous one manual that you wanted to deliver to your collaborators to keep those concepts that you explained to them during the various training / refresher courses clear over time;
  • Etc, etc ...

The truth is that "I don't have time for ..." is always the wrong excuse we give as the responsible cause of all that:

  1. We don't know how to do it;
  2. We know how to do it but we don't want to do it;
  3. We know how to do it, we would also like to, but we know it would take too long to do it.

* Note that the three options are not necessarily mutually exclusive

write articles for blogs

The problem of time! ⏰ write articles for blogs

I know it!

I know that your day, like mine and that of any other Entrepreneur, is made up of 24 hours and that these are not enough to work, think, manage, be always attentive at work, as well as obviously also to eat, spend time with the family, sleep and all those daily actions that take up the necessary time.

But even if time seems not enough, it NEVER exists "I have no time".

Repeat with me: it must not exist.

Do you know what should exist?

YOU who in the morning decide to set up a system that allows you to:

  • Writing articles for blogs (or other forms of written content) your business badly needs (and for which your wallet will be so grateful);
  • WITHOUT all the time and effort that would be "normally" required of you.

write articles for blogs

The solution: A system that works for you

scrivere articoli per blog

The truth is that if you set a organized system to write what you need, you do it ONCE, and then you are "okay" (in quotes because then it is clear that we are never okay! There is always to manage, fix, improve and optimize everything we do , even that in which one is phenomena).

Think about it ... how many of your competitors are already starting to wake up? In your industry, written content produced by your competitors continues to proliferate like flowers in the middle of spring.

DO NOT put this off until "who knows when". There is no more time.

Now it is no longer a matter of time, but of making an important decision: start by creating your maximally optimized system to produce an inordinate amount of written content, consistently and frequently, without effort and work on your part.

How to do? It's very simple (oh my, after you've done this it's simple, until then it's NOT?): there is an optimized and tested system that can REALLY get all the marketing written content you want in no time and with minimal effort.

This system is called Copy transcripts, and is the first professional service in Italy that deals with transcribing and creating the materials you want, READY TO BE PUBLISHED, in lightning time.

There are already many Italian SMEs that use this service and among them there may be your competitors who want nothing more than to surpass you, take and surpass your position in the sector and consequently increase their sales and their customer list.

Let's go straight to the facts!

To show you that this Method it works I present to you my book "This book was written in 12 hours and 56 minutes ":

Questo libro è stato scritto in 12 ore e 56 minuti

write articles for blogs

How did I write mine book in 12 hours and 56 minutes of work

To make it happen, I did exactly this:

  • I made a map of what I wanted to deal with;
  • I found all the information I needed;
  • I have been stuck on time slots for 3-4 hours;
  • I turned on the smartphone recorder;
  • and I started to talk to the headphones of the microphone exactly as if I had been in front of a customer of mine at the bar.

Once I had finished recording all the audio content I had in my head, my work was almost COMPLETED!

I delivered the audio recordings to myself team professional of Transcription who within 30 had already completed the book, ready to be published and sold (transcription, revision, formatting and layout ready for printing).

Now you can do the same to write YOUR own book, or other forms of content.

Learn how to do all this in my writing, you will not be disappointed. ?

You just have to buy my book at a discounted price at the following link ➡

If you also want, below you will find a very simple and quick forum to fill out to test our service FOR FREE!

Thanks for your attention, see you soon.

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