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"Writing content for the web with the Copy Transcription Method © is the way for entrepreneurs, professionals and SMEs that allows them to do this in the fastest and most comfortable way possible."

Let's explore the theme together "writing content for the web”In the most optimized way possible in this new article. ?

And let's start by taking a look at an interesting article I was reading recently on a plane back from the United States in some of these magazines ...

scrivere contenuti per il web

In this period I have fixed myself that if I want to learn how to manage my company, make it profitable and make it grow, I have to learn from the stories of those who do this at HIGH levels.

Since reading often I realize that this is not always the case, because those youngsters act with logic and resources that have NOTHING to do with an average Italian SRL that starts with 10,000 euros of paid-up share capital, EVERYTHING some interesting ideas come out. .

For example, this morning during the first coffee of the day I read in an interview with "I don't remember who" a really interesting concept from which I then took a hint on the topic "writing content for the web“.

Apparently trivial, but in reality, it hides - in my opinion - the turning point of everything inside.


To write content for the web, the key ingredient is YOUR speed of execution.

Basically, "Dude" says that assuming that you:

  • has a correct business model,
  • know your target audience,
  • is able to not get it into your head that you can make a lot of bullshit that you can't afford,

the most important element of all is yours speed of execution.

I have stopped to think carefully about this step and in fact if you think about it it is a lot of what you need to get you where you want to go.

Specifically, you know that:

  • You have to do marketing;
  • Write your marketing content;
  • Produce new content for your blog;
  • Write emails to send to your contact list who hasn't heard from you for weeks and is forgetting about your existence;
  • Create and publish your own book to increase your perceived level of authority;
  • You know you should be writing much more constantly on your social pages to continually attract new customers.
  • Making the transcripts of training events.

None of these choices are wrong in themselves, they are all ingredients that can only do good for you and your company.

But why can't you do all this?

Why can't you get your foot on the gas when it comes to producing written content?

Why can't you speed up the execution of these activities and make it massive and constant over time?

Why don't you have time to do all this?

Do you think you don't have the resources to afford an internal specialized team to do all this for you in outsourcing?

Why do you have 14346 other "priority" things to think about during the day?


Conclusions: The most optimized system ever to write content for the web.

Maybe the answer is a mix of all of this and in reality it really is. But if this is your situation in some way you have to think about how to remedy it.

Because we often talk about "Content Marketing" in a thousand different ways but the truth is that the guy in the interview is right: if you can't produce these contents written in an abundant and constant quantity over time, the result is that you will NOT be noticed by your potential customers.

Today we are unlikely to be bombarded with information / messages of all kinds and you, through your channels, must be able to throw out more than your competitors if you want to compete.

Have you ever thought what an increase in value you could achieve if you were able to speed up and make your written content production constant over time?

If you agree with me that the answer to this question is: by a lot, then know that Copy transcripts is the system that allows you to transcribe your speeches in the form of audio / video into texts that can be directly reused for your purposes without the need for revision.

This is ONE way you can speed up your writing pace, the our.

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