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We are a passionate team with a common passion: transcriptions and writing

  • Our working group is made up of 4 types of technical profiles, each of which has one condition in common: knowledge and mastery of writing.
  • First profile: the transcriber is the one who carries out the most important part of the work we do, taking people's speeches and putting them in written form using correct linguistic syntax.
  • The proofreader is the one who, thanks to his innate meticulousness and linguistic precision, is able to correct, revise and improve a text from a linguistic and grammatical point of view.
  • The Graphic Designer is the person who at the end of the supply chain is responsible for graphically embellishing a text in order to make it directly usable for the client's purposes.
  • And finally the Project Manager, that person who is in charge of listening to the customer's needs and bringing them back to the team in the form of work indications.

Our work philosophy

We are a cohesive group that aims to include people of all races, faiths, sexes and religions. What unites us is a passion and dedication for writing high quality texts, this is the work and mission we carry out every day.

Each of us comes from all over Italy, we don't have a physical office where we meet every morning. This is because we want to have access to the best resources at the national level and not limit ourselves to those offered by a single city.

Remote work is not a brake on our organization, but an advantage in the management of work schedules that every day helps us to strictly comply with every deadline we give to our customers.

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