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Updated August 27, 2018.

Access to the website pages of Trascrizioni Copy SRL ("writeless.co" hereinafter the "Site") implies the acceptance of the following Terms of use by the user.


The Site is owned by Trascrizioni Copy SRL ("writeless.co" hereinafter the "Site"). The Site has information and e-commerce purposes. By logging in or using the services on the Site, the user accepts these Terms of Use. In case of non-acceptance, he must refrain from using the Site. 
Transcriptions Copy invites users of the Site to periodically consult these Terms of Use and other sections of the Site such as the Information on the processing of personal data (Privacy Policy), also in order to check for any updates or changes.

Terms and conditions of collaboration.

  • Commissions only on advance payment: Transcriptions Copy is able to accept the taking charge of a work, the latter will not necessarily coincide with the start of work on the project. The works will be authorized to start only and only after the payment of the received commission or the presentation of a bill of the same;
  • Transcriptions Copy is entitled to decide the delivery date of each project without question as long as it is not purchased through the “Fast Rate”;
  • The project delivery dates are authorized to be extended forward at the discretion of Trascrizioni Copy in the event that the client fails to send all the necessary materials at the time of sending the materials to be transcribed / processed / integrated. Each subsequent sending of material (separately from the others) that refers to an associated project in the same invoice, will grant Trascrizioni Copy the possibility of extending the delivery dates commensurate with the additional work required;
  • The user who should receive a project on a delivery date later than the one indicated without reason has the right to immediate total compensation of the sum of money paid initially;
  • The videos or audios that are sent to Trascrizioni Copy to be transcribed must necessarily be submitted with their own original recording speed. They can be edited and cut in their length, provided that the aforementioned do not modify or make it difficult to understand the spoken discourse on which the transcription must be carried out;
  • In the event that the user should find errors in the text or characteristics that do not comply with the initially agreed conditions, he has the right to request the assistance of the Team as a priority to obtain the final project in compliance with the same.
  • The proforma invoices sent (the estimates) or the invoices themselves that are unpaid, prevent the Trascrizioni Copy team from taking on further work, until the date in which the actual payment is received.

Intellectual property.

Transcriptions Copy is the exclusive owner of the contents of the Site, including but not limited to the texts, documents, images, logos, photographs, page layout, design, know-how and products offered. on sale; some of the aforementioned contents may be covered by copyright, trademarks, patents, models and / or other industrial and intellectual property rights recognized by Italian and international law. No content of the Site can be considered or interpreted as licensed by Trascrizioni Copy or as the subject of any other right of use by users and / or third parties.

Use of the Site.

The e-commerce services offered by the Site are governed by Conditions of Sale

Users are authorized to download, view or print contents of the Site for exclusively personal and non-commercial purposes, in such a way as not to cause any prejudice to the property rights owned by Trascrizioni Copy SRL. The contents of the Site may in no case be used for other purposes, including, by way of example but not limited to, their distribution, modification, reproduction, transmission or dissemination, without the prior written consent of Trascrizioni Copy.


Transcriptions Copy guarantees the delivery of a text conforming to the characteristics described in the respective sales pages of the rates selected and paid by the end customer (Prices, conditions and rates)

Transcriptions Copy Guarantees delivery of the work by the agreed date, if this is not justifiably respected, the end customer may request immediate compensation for the amount of money originally paid.

Disclaimer of Liability.

Users access the Site independently and at their own risk, it being understood that Trascrizioni Copy declines any responsibility for any damage or prejudice suffered in any way by users as a result of accessing and using or downloading any material for any reason present. on the Site, including viruses, malware or other malicious electronic content. present on the Site, including viruses, malware or other malicious electronic content.

Transcriptions Copy is not responsible for the quality of the final work if the materials are printed by third party suppliers.


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