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Are you looking for a job that doesn't bind you to any geographic location? We are looking for you. (Transcription of work texts)

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How do we work in Copy Transcriptions?

lavoro trascrizione testi
Freedom and flexibility. We are currently a group of 24 people and each of us works in a different part of the world: a good internet connection for you is our only requirement. Each morning, each of us opens our page on the Zoho Project and gets to work on what we like best. We communicate with each other remotely, we work independently and we own our workspace.Online and offline learning. You will begin practicing your role by meeting with your Project Manager for 2-3 weeks onboarding. This will allow you to fully integrate with our current state of play. Once this is done, your learning will continue through: continuous feedback from your Project Manager and from the colleagues with whom you will collaborate on the various projects.
Beyond the professional. The fact that we work remotely doesn't stop us from getting to know each other even outside the workplace: our daily chat conversations often also talk about music and hobbies. From time to time we organize business dinners in which the one and only goal is: to drink a few beers, eat a few good slices of pizza and get to know making connections with new people.Growth opportunity. One of our missions is to make our customers more productive in their work. Regardless of this, our works range from pure publishing, to the creation of books, to the writing of articles for corporate blogs, to the creation of technical manuals for countless sectors. You will be free to grow at a career level in the area in which you will best be able to express your skills.
Focus on diversity and inclusion. We are dedicated to creating a warm, intimate, peaceful, happy, multicultural, open and inclusive team and work environment for people of all races, faiths or thoughts. To this end, by joining our team, you accept a code of conduct. And our steps to improve this in the world of work are published in a public register. Solve interesting problems, unleash your creativity. Our transcription service literally involves infinite sectors of belonging, online and offline. In this regard, working on our projects in the best way is certainly not an easy task, but a daily challenge that will test your ingenuity and creativity day after day.
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Advantages and Benefits.

lavoro trascrizione testi
✅ Work from anywhere you want✅Production awards upon achievement of objectives
✅ Competitive salary (we don't use teleworking as an excuse to pay less)✅ Earnings based on how much you want to work
✅ "Unlimited vacation" policy✅ You own your own weather of work
✅ No taxation for jobs you don't like and aren't good at✅ Project Management career opportunities

How we assume.

We have a "NON-standard" hiring process. To start the process, we ask candidates to answer a few questions in an online form that we normally ask them to fill out before the first interview. This helps us speed up the whole process and allows us to get to know you a little better from the start.

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To avoid "sending mass requests" we ask you to insert in the form: name, surname and a photograph of the candidate. We do NOT require any type of CV, anywhere in our hiring process.

The hiring team will review applications in chronological order of receipt. To proceed to the hiring phase, candidates typically participate in two video-telematic interviews, as well as two skill tests based on the role in question.

Throughout this process, it will be our responsibility to keep candidates updated on what is happening. We have made a commitment with all of our applicants to stay in touch with them at least once a week as they are going through the hiring process.

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We know that applying to take up a new job at any company requires a leap of faith. We want you to feel comfortable and excited about submitting your application in Copy Transcripts. To help share a little more about the lives of all of us in Trascrizioni Copy, here are some resources - in addition to the job description above - that can give you a more "intimate" look at what life is like in here. Taking a look at all of our public documents, we really hope you can take the leap of faith in sending us your application. ?

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