How to take advantage of the news wave with audio or video transcriptions

Hello and welcome to this new article in which I will explain how to exploit L'wave of news thanks to the use of professional audio or video transcriptions.

More and more often we talk about how much we are users, in a general sense, more and more distracted.

It is true, we are connected on every possible and imaginable device (smartphone, computer, watch, tablet and so on ...), we have more and more tools that allow us to be more and more connected with the outside world, but at the same time we are also increasingly distracted and actually “less connected” with what surrounds us.

This is a much discussed issue ...

There is a lot of talk about the fact that our attention is less and less alert than in the past despite the fact that technology is increasingly advanced.


We really work this way!

Anything that is "new" by definition attracts our attention.

I'll give you a practical example that you yourself will have tried on your skin (and don't deny it because it's impossible!).

"How many times have you found yourself on Facebook for a purpose, whether it is to send a message or search for something, and then, scrolling through the home, find yourself watching the most clicked video just out of simple curiosity?"

I'm sure it will have happened to you a thousand times!

There is always something new, interesting or not, that catches your attention and it distracts you from your primary goal as if that video / post was the most important thing in your life.

This is exactly the emotional reaction that new news triggers in our mind.

Reading a very interesting book on writing I found the following graph:

trascrizioni di audio

The image shows a curve that analyzes the trend of a news using as interconnected variables the interest of this in relation to the passage of time.

What happen?

JUST THE NEWS BORN both time and interest are very low; this is due to the fact that the episode of potential interest just happened.

Then there is the arrow with the inscription "Newsjacking" which wants to indicate the phase in which journalists compete for insights.

This is the stage where all news producers of all fields have a window of opportunity to bring their opinion on a debate that is likely to be very popular.

We should all be constantly looking for this type of information in which to interfere, even more so if they belong to the sector or are related to the activity carried out daily.

Your job should be to talk about the news from your point of view and based on your business positioning.

Later it happens that the news grows in interest and as a result it will be more and more discussed among people until it reaches its peak.

IT IS AT THE PEAK OF INTEREST THAT THE NEWS WILL BE SEARCHED FOR SPONTANEOUSLY in order to inquire about all the various items, opinions and information about it.

Our ongoing work, as professionals who produce information, should therefore be that of ride the news waves to intercept the information and attention of consumers and users who are increasingly distracted.

I realize that this type of work is strictly manual and requires constant updating.

If you think carefully NOT it's like practicing publishing on Facebook because the latter is programmable: you decide in advance how many posts to publish per week and, after writing about ten, you can schedule their release for the next few weeks.


Because? The news is there today but in a short time it will be gone.

In my opinion already after one or two weeks the wave of the news begins to go down (this obviously also depends on the extent of the news).

You must be able to grab all the information on the fly and re-transform it as quickly as possible into content for your users to enjoy.

Doing a job like this really takes an enormous amount of time and if you have to think about putting yourself in this business personally, I guess you can't ... you'll never get over it.

I ask you a question:

"When do you think the day will come when you will have 3/4 hours to dedicate to this activity in addition to all the others you already do?".

If you were a full-time writer this wouldn't be a problem: you wake up in the morning, do your research, and then write content for your clients.

However the truth is that you are an entrepreneur!

You have a limitless series of tasks to complete and consequently, while the production of content is important, this will be one of the other 1000 things you should but you don't have enough time to do them.

Hence the fact that you HAVE NO TIME.

But you have to know that you will never have time as long as you claim to entrust this activity to yourself.

Alternatively what you could do is, as the title of the article suggests, exploit the potential of professional audio or video transcriptions.

How can you do it?

Leverage audio or video transcripts to speed the transformation process from news to marketing written content.

It's very simple… when the news comes make a small pattern or take notes on what you would like to say about it (I use the application Trello which allows, in my view, to organize ideas well).

Afterwards, as soon as you have about an hour of free time, turn on the camera and start talking.


Subsequently your work must end here: let a professional audio or video transcription service (dealing with professional transcriptions) transform your audio / video content into an article, email, post or any form you wish to reuse for your own purposes.

This is the most powerful and most optimized way you have to produce content.

Make the audio / video in which you talk about the topic you want and all the rest of the work will be done for you by a professional audio and video transcription service.

Since the service is a "professional" service, you will directly receive the written text you want ready to be reused.

This is crazy value!

You will finally be able to produce all the content you want and at the same time you will not have to waste time doing it.

Furthermore, all this will allow you to be present on all your communication channels with a completely "new" approach.

While your competitors will publish a few articles, posts in "old style" ... you will have reached a pace that they will not be able to sustain.

For example, transcribing a 1-hour video takes approximately 5 to 6 hours.

It is an indicative estimate that makes you understand that to create a well-made content it is necessary to have a lot of time available.

I now reveal to you a piece of advice that you cannot help but exploit in your favor ...

Another idea that I suggest is to take advantage of "lost" time when you are in the car.


If you think of a topic you want to talk about, take advantage of the commute from home to work by turning on the camera or the recorder of your phone and talking as if you were in front of a customer.

Then, exactly as you did in the previous case, send us the audio / video material and we, a professional audio and video transcription service, will create the corresponding written text for you, ready to be directly reused.

Test our audio or video transcription service for free

Now I just have to tell you that if you want to test our audio and video transcription service for free you can do it very simply by filling out the yellow form that you find at the end of this article.

Just send us your data, name and surname, and the material for which you wish to receive the transcript of audio or video.

You will receive the corresponding written marketing content back ready for reuse!

What are you waiting for?

Thanks for your attention, see you next time.

Gabriele Musumeci.

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