How it works: transform audio into text

How Does Copy Transcriptions Work? In the simplest way for you.

Thanks to Trascrizioni Copy you can create texts in the simplest, fastest and most comfortable way possible. Summarized in one sentence?

You: you speak, We: we write.

This is what we do: we take spoken speeches in the form of audio / video recordings and transform them into pre-edited and graphic text, directly ready to be reused for your purposes.

How to buy in Copy Transcriptions

  1. Group your audio / video recordings: Group all the material you want to transcribe into a single folder. If you want to make a Manual or a Book and you have slides / images or maps to send us, insert these in the same folder as well.
  2. Send us the materials to be transcribed by e-mail to Send us the folder of the materials you want to transcribe by email. If the file is too heavy you can: Either share us a cloud link (Dropbox or Google Drive), Or use the service offered by for free.
  3. Wait for our magic: Within 24 hours our staff will contact you, informing you that the project has been taken over, assigning it an expiration date by which you will receive the work you have commissioned.

1 - Define your project

2 - Simply calculate the costs

3 - Describe the goals you want to achieve

4 - Receive the delivery date

Prices for converting audio to text

The price for a job to transform audio into text depends on several factors:

  • Length of the spoken material to be transformed;
  • Number of speakers in the file;
  • Need for delivery times;
  • Processing level of the file (eg only written text, or transcription + final graphic layout);
  • Level of complexity of the subject

Minimum price to transform audio into text with professional text transcription: € 295.00 / hour of speech

Maximum price for transcription projects with maximum complexity parameters: € 1250.00 / hour of speech

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